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#!/usr/bin/env python

In order to use mathtext2, you must build matplotlib.ft2font.  This is
built by default in the windows installer.

For other platforms, edit setup.py and set


You have to put the following lines in your matplotlibrc file

mathtext.mathtext2: True            # Needed to enable the new mathtext
mathtext.rm     :   FreeSerif.ttf
mathtext.it     :   FreeSerifItalic.ttf     # Text italic
mathtext.tt     :   FreeMono.ttf    # Typewriter (monospaced)
mathtext.mit    :   FreeSerifItalic.ttf     # Math italic
mathtext.cal    :   FreeSansOblique.ttf # Caligraphic
mathtext.nonascii:  FreeSerif.ttf # Used for \sum, \infty etc.

Note that "FreeSerif.ttf" etc. may be replaced by any font. Also, for now
the font files must me in the mpl-data dir.

Only the first parameter must be set (mathtext2 uses BaKoMa fonts by
default, and they come packaged with matplotlib, so the above lines
override them) because mathtext2 is disabled by default.

This demo assumes that you have FreeSerif.ttf in the mpl-data dir.
You can get FreeSerif.ttf (and other files) from:

FreeFonts are distributed under GPL

# We override the default params
from matplotlib import rcParams
#rcParams['mathtext.mathtext2'] = True

# You can put other fonts to override the default ones
#rcParams['mathtext.rm'] = 'FreeSerif.ttf'
#rcParams['mathtext.it'] = 'FreeSerifItalic.ttf'
#rcParams['mathtext.tt'] = 'FreeMono.ttf'
#rcParams['mathtext.mit'] = 'FreeSerifItalic.ttf'
#rcParams['mathtext.cal'] = 'FreeSansOblique.ttf'

# This is used by mathtext2 to find chars with ord > 255 (Unicode characters)
#rcParams['mathtext.nonascii'] = 'FreeSerif.ttf'

from pylab import *
subplot(111, axisbg='y')
plot([1,2,3], 'r')
x = arange(0.0, 3.0, 0.1)

tex = r'$u_{x^2_1}^{y_{-q_u}}$'
text(0.5, 2., tex, fontsize=20)
#xlabel(r'$\Delta_i^j$', fontsize=20)
#ylabel(r'$\Delta_{i+1}^j$', fontsize=20)
#tex = r'$\cal{R}\prod_{i=\alpha_{i+1}}^\infty a_i\rm{sin}(2 \pi f x_i)$'
tex = ur"$1^j_3$"
#tex = ur"$Tj_1j_jj_gT$"
#tex = ur"$F_1^1y_{1_{2_{3_2\sum_1^2{4}^6}}3}1_23$"
#tex = ur"$x_2{\cal TRALALA}\sum_1^2$"
#tex = ur"$a = x_2{\cal TRALALA}\sum_1^2$"
#tex = r'$K_{R osman dsfgs Tralala_{K_4^3}}X_1^1$'
#tex = ur"$Tutinjac\ fff\sin\exp$"
#tex = ur"$\sin\exp{\rm sin\ exp}$"
#tex = ur"$a^{\sin x}\sin b\sin(x/x), {\rm sin}(x/x){\rm sin\ }(x/x)$"
#tex = ur"$1\frac {\int_{-\infty}^\infty} 22$"
#tex = ur"$\frac{\int_{-\infty}^\infty} 2$"
#tex = ur"$1_\frac{\sum^2_{i_{23}=0}} 2678$"
tex = ur"$1_{\frac{\sum^2_{i_{23}=0}}{\sum_{i=\frac94}^\infty} 345}678$"
text(0.5, 2., tex, fontsize=20)
tex = r'${\cal R}\prod_{i=\alpha_{i+1}}^\infty a_i\sin\exp(2 \pi f x_i)$'
text(1, 1.9, tex, fontsize=20)
tex = ur"$F_1^1y_{1_{2_{3_2\sum_1^2{4}^6}}3}1_23$"
text(1, 1.7, tex, fontsize=20)
tex = ur"$x = \sin(\sum_{i=0}^\infty y_i)$"
text(1, 1.5, tex, fontsize=20)
#title(r'$\Delta_i^j \hspace{0.4} \rm{versus} \hspace{0.4} \Delta_{i+1}^j$', fontsize=20)


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