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/* A python interface to freetype2 */
#ifndef _FT2FONT_H
#define _FT2FONT_H
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <cmath>
#include <utility>

extern "C" {
#include <ft2build.h>
#include FT_FREETYPE_H
#include FT_GLYPH_H
#include FT_SFNT_NAMES_H
#include FT_TYPE1_TABLES_H
#include "CXX/Extensions.hxx"
#include "CXX/Objects.hxx"

// the freetype string rendered into a width, height buffer
class FT2Image {
  bool bRotated;
  unsigned char *buffer;
  unsigned long width;
  unsigned long height;
  int offsetx, offsety;

class Glyph : public Py::PythonExtension<Glyph> {
  Glyph( const FT_Face&, const FT_Glyph&, size_t);
  int setattr( const char *_name, const Py::Object &value );
  Py::Object getattr( const char *_name );
  static void init_type(void);
  size_t glyphInd;
  Py::Object get_path( const FT_Face& face );
  Py::Dict __dict__;
  static char get_path__doc__[];

class FT2Font : public Py::PythonExtension<FT2Font> {

  static void init_type(void);
  Py::Object set_bitmap_size(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object clear(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object set_size(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object set_charmap(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object set_text(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_glyph(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_kerning(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_num_glyphs(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object load_char(const Py::Tuple & args, const Py::Dict & kws);
  Py::Object get_width_height(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_descent(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object write_bitmap(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object draw_rect(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object draw_rect_filled(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object image_as_str(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_xys(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object draw_glyphs_to_bitmap(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object draw_glyph_to_bitmap(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_glyph_name(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_charmap(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_sfnt(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_name_index(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_ps_font_info(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object get_sfnt_table(const Py::Tuple & args);
  Py::Object horiz_image_to_vert_image(const Py::Tuple & args);
  int setattr( const char *_name, const Py::Object &value );
  Py::Object getattr( const char *_name );
  FT2Image image;

  Py::Dict __dict__;
  FT_Face       face;
  FT_Matrix     matrix;                 /* transformation matrix */
  FT_Vector     pen;                    /* untransformed origin  */
  FT_Error      error;
  std::vector<FT_Glyph> glyphs;
  std::vector<FT_Vector> pos;
  std::vector<Glyph*> gms;
  double angle;

  FT_BBox compute_string_bbox();
  void draw_bitmap( FT_Bitmap*  bitmap, FT_Int x, FT_Int y);
  void set_scalable_attributes();

  static char set_bitmap_size__doc__ [];
  static char clear__doc__ [];
  static char set_size__doc__ [];
  static char set_charmap__doc__ [];
  static char set_text__doc__ [];
  static char get_glyph__doc__ [];
  static char get_num_glyphs__doc__ [];
  static char load_char__doc__ [];
  static char get_width_height__doc__ [];
  static char get_descent__doc__ [];
  static char get_kerning__doc__ [];
  static char write_bitmap__doc__ [];
  static char draw_rect__doc__ [];
  static char draw_rect_filled__doc__ [];
  static char image_as_str__doc__ [];
  static char draw_glyphs_to_bitmap__doc__ [];
  static char get_xys__doc__ [];
  static char draw_glyph_to_bitmap__doc__ [];
  static char get_glyph_name__doc__[];
  static char get_charmap__doc__[];
  static char get_sfnt__doc__ [];
  static char get_name_index__doc__[];
  static char get_ps_font_info__doc__[];
  static char get_sfnt_table__doc__[];
  static char horiz_image_to_vert_image__doc__[];

// the extension module
class ft2font_module : public Py::ExtensionModule<ft2font_module>

    : Py::ExtensionModule<ft2font_module>( "ft2font" )

    add_varargs_method("FT2Font", &ft2font_module::new_ft2font, 
    initialize( "The ft2font module" );
  //static FT_Library ft2Library;

  Py::Object new_ft2font (const Py::Tuple &args);


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