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def configobj::ConfigObj::_handle_repeat (   self,
) [private]

Dynamically assign configspec for repeated section.

Definition at line 1826 of file configobj.py.

01826                                                  :
        """Dynamically assign configspec for repeated section."""
            section_keys = configspec.sections
            scalar_keys = configspec.scalars
        except AttributeError:
            section_keys = [entry for entry in configspec 
                                if isinstance(configspec[entry], dict)]
            scalar_keys = [entry for entry in configspec 
                                if not isinstance(configspec[entry], dict)]
        if '__many__' in section_keys and len(section_keys) > 1:
            # FIXME: can we supply any useful information here ?
            raise RepeatSectionError
        scalars = {}
        sections = {}
        for entry in scalar_keys:
            val = configspec[entry]
            scalars[entry] = val
        for entry in section_keys:
            val = configspec[entry]
            if entry == '__many__':
                scalars[entry] = val
            sections[entry] = val
        section.configspec = scalars
        for entry in sections:
            if not section.has_key(entry):
                section[entry] = {}
            self._handle_repeat(section[entry], sections[entry])

    def _write_line(self, indent_string, entry, this_entry, comment):

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