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matplotlib::collections::PatchCollection Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for matplotlib::collections::PatchCollection:

matplotlib::collections::Collection matplotlib::cm::ScalarMappable matplotlib::artist::Artist matplotlib::collections::QuadMesh matplotlib::collections::BrokenBarHCollection matplotlib::quiver::Quiver

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Detailed Description

Base class for filled regions such as PolyCollection etc.
It must be subclassed to be usable.

kwargs are:

      antialiaseds = None,
      offsets = None,
      transOffset = transforms.identity_transform(),
      norm = None,  # optional for cm.ScalarMappable
      cmap = None,  # ditto

offsets and transOffset are used to translate the patch after
rendering (default no offsets)

If any of edgecolors, facecolors, linewidths, antialiaseds are
None, they default to their patch.* rc params setting, in sequence

The use of ScalarMappable is optional.  If the ScalarMappable
matrix _A is not None (ie a call to set_array has been made), at
draw time a call to scalar mappable will be made to set the face

Definition at line 74 of file collections.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def add_callback
def add_checker
def add_observer
def autoscale
def autoscale_None
def changed
def check_update
def contains
def convert_xunits
def convert_yunits
def draw
def get_alpha
def get_animated
def get_array
def get_axes
def get_clim
def get_clip_box
def get_clip_on
def get_clip_path
def get_contains
def get_figure
def get_label
def get_picker
def get_transform
def get_transformed_patches
def get_transoffset
def get_verts
def get_visible
def get_zorder
def have_units
def hitlist
def is_figure_set
def is_transform_set
def notify
def pchanged
def pick
def pickable
def remove
def remove_callback
def set
def set_alpha
def set_animated
def set_array
def set_axes
def set_clim
def set_clip_box
def set_clip_on
def set_clip_path
def set_cmap
def set_color
def set_colorbar
def set_contains
def set_edgecolor
def set_edgecolors
def set_facecolor
def set_facecolors
def set_figure
def set_label
def set_linewidth
def set_lod
def set_norm
def set_picker
def set_transform
def set_visible
def set_zorder
def to_rgba
def update
def update_from
def update_scalarmappable

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string aname = 'Artist'
 set_linewidths = set_lwset_linewidth
int zorder = 1

Private Attributes


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