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matplotlib::collections::QuadMesh Class Reference

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matplotlib::collections::PatchCollection matplotlib::collections::Collection matplotlib::cm::ScalarMappable matplotlib::artist::Artist

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Detailed Description

Class for the efficient drawing of a quadrilateral mesh.
A quadrilateral mesh consists of a grid of vertices. The dimensions
of this array are (meshWidth+1, meshHeight+1). Each vertex in
the mesh has a different set of "mesh coordinates" representing
its position in the topology of the mesh. For any values (m, n)
such that 0 <= m <= meshWidth and 0 <= n <= meshHeight, the
vertices at mesh coordinates (m, n), (m, n+1), (m+1, n+1), and
(m+1, n) form one of the quadrilaterals in the mesh. There are
thus (meshWidth * meshHeight) quadrilaterals in the mesh.
The mesh need not be regular and the polygons need not be convex.
A quadrilateral mesh is represented by a
(2 x ((meshWidth + 1) * (meshHeight + 1))) numpy array
'coordinates' where each row is the X and Y coordinates of one
of the vertices.
To define the function that maps from a data point to
its corresponding color, use the set_cmap() function.
Each of these arrays is indexed in row-major order by the
mesh coordinates of the vertex (or the mesh coordinates of
the lower left vertex, in the case of the colors). For example,
the first entry in coordinates is the coordinates of the vertex
at mesh coordinates (0, 0), then the one at (0, 1), then at
(0, 2) .. (0, meshWidth), (1, 0), (1, 1), and so on.

Definition at line 289 of file collections.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def add_callback
def add_checker
def add_observer
def autoscale
def autoscale_None
def changed
def check_update
def contains
def convert_xunits
def convert_yunits
def draw
def draw
def get_alpha
def get_animated
def get_array
def get_axes
def get_clim
def get_clip_box
def get_clip_on
def get_clip_path
def get_contains
def get_figure
def get_label
def get_picker
def get_transform
def get_transformed_patches
def get_transoffset
def get_verts
def get_verts
def get_visible
def get_zorder
def have_units
def hitlist
def is_figure_set
def is_transform_set
def notify
def pchanged
def pick
def pickable
def remove
def remove_callback
def set
def set_alpha
def set_animated
def set_array
def set_axes
def set_clim
def set_clip_box
def set_clip_on
def set_clip_path
def set_cmap
def set_color
def set_colorbar
def set_contains
def set_edgecolor
def set_edgecolors
def set_facecolor
def set_facecolors
def set_figure
def set_label
def set_linewidth
def set_lod
def set_norm
def set_picker
def set_transform
def set_visible
def set_zorder
def to_rgba
def update
def update_from
def update_scalarmappable

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string aname = 'Artist'
 set_linewidths = set_lwset_linewidth
int zorder = 1

Private Attributes


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