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matplotlib::backend_bases::RendererBase Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for matplotlib::backend_bases::RendererBase:

matplotlib::backends::backend_agg::RendererAgg matplotlib::backends::backend_emf::RendererEMF matplotlib::backends::backend_ps::RendererPS matplotlib::backends::backend_template::RendererTemplate matplotlib::backends::backend_wx::RendererWx

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Detailed Description

An abstract base class to handle drawing/rendering operations.

The following methods *must* be implemented in the backend:

* :meth:`draw_path`
* :meth:`draw_image`
* :meth:`draw_text`
* :meth:`get_text_width_height_descent`

The following methods *should* be implemented in the backend for
optimization reasons:

* :meth:`draw_markers`
* :meth:`draw_path_collection`
* :meth:`draw_quad_mesh`

Definition at line 37 of file backend_bases.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def close_group
def draw_image
def draw_markers
def draw_path
def draw_path_collection
def draw_quad_mesh
def draw_tex
def draw_text
def flipy
def get_canvas_width_height
def get_image_magnification
def get_texmanager
def get_text_width_height_descent
def new_gc
def open_group
def option_image_nocomposite
def points_to_pixels
def start_rasterizing
def stop_rasterizing
def strip_math

Private Member Functions

def _iter_collection
def _iter_collection_raw_paths

Private Attributes


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