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enthought::traits::ui::editor::Editor Class Reference

Inherits has_traits::HasPrivateTraits.

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Detailed Description

Represents an editing control for an object trait in a Traits-based
user interface.

Definition at line 47 of file editor.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def dispose
def error
def get_undo_item
def init
def log_change
def prepare
def restore_prefs
def save_prefs
def string_value
def sync_value
def update_editor

Static Public Attributes

 control = Any
 description = ReadOnly
 enabled = true
 factory = factory_trait
tuple item = Instance( Item, (), allow_none = False )
 label_control = Any
 name = ReadOnly
 object = ReadOnly
tuple object_name = Str( 'object' )
 old_value = ReadOnly
 scrollable = false
 str_value = Property
 ui = ReadOnly
 updating = false
 value = Property
 visible = true

Private Member Functions

def __set_value
def _editor_list_modified
def _editor_trait_modified
def _get_str_value
def _get_value
def _set_value
def _str
def _update_editor
def _user_list_modified
def _user_trait_modified

Private Attributes


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