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def enthought::traits::ui::editor::Editor::_update_editor (   self,
) [private]

Performs updates when the object trait changes.

Definition at line 249 of file editor.py.

00249                                                                    :
        """ Performs updates when the object trait changes.
        # If the editor has gone away for some reason, disconnect and exit:
        if self.control is None:
            object.on_trait_change( self._update_editor, name, remove = True )
        # Log the change that was made (as long as it is not for an event):
        if object.base_trait( name ).type != 'event':
            self.log_change( self.get_undo_item, object, name, 
                                                 old_value, new_value )
        # If the change was not caused by the editor itself:
        if not self._no_update:
            # Update the editor control to reflect the current object state:                    
    #  Logs a change made in the editor:    
    def log_change ( self, undo_factory, *undo_args ):

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