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00001 """Imports from numarray for numerix, the numarray/Numeric interchangeability
module.  These array functions are used when numarray is chosen.
from numarray import Int8, UInt8, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, \
     Float32, Float64, Complex32, Complex64, Float, Int, Complex,\
import numarray.ieeespecial as _ieee
inf = infinity = infty = Infinity = _ieee.inf
isnan = _ieee.isnan

00011 class _TypeNamespace:
    """Numeric compatible type aliases for use with extension functions."""
    Int8          = typecode[Int8]
    UInt8         = typecode[UInt8]
    Int16         = typecode[Int16]
    UInt16        = typecode[UInt16]
    Int32         = typecode[Int32]
    #UInt32        = typecode[UInt32]  # Todd: this appears broken
    Float32       = typecode[Float32]
    Float64       = typecode[Float64]
    Complex32     = typecode[Complex32]
    Complex64     = typecode[Complex64]

nx = _TypeNamespace()

from numarray import asarray, dot, fromlist, NumArray, shape, alltrue
from numarray import all as _all

00029 def all(a, axis=None):
    '''Numpy-compatible version of all()'''
    if axis is None:
        return _all(a)
    return alltrue(a, axis)

00035 class _Matrix(NumArray):
    """_Matrix is a ported, stripped down version of the Numeric Matrix
    class which supplies only matrix multiplication.
    def _rc(self, a):
        if len(shape(a)) == 0:
            return a
            return Matrix(a)

    def __mul__(self, other):
        aother = asarray(other)
        #if len(aother.shape) == 0:
        #    return self._rc(self*aother)
        #    return self._rc(dot(self, aother))
        #return self._rc(dot(self, aother))
        return dot(self, aother)

    def __rmul__(self, other):
        aother = asarray(other)
        if len(aother.shape) == 0:
            return self._rc(aother*self)
            return self._rc(dot(aother, self))

    def __imul__(self,other):
        aother = asarray(other)
        self[:] = dot(self, aother)
        return self

00066 def Matrix(data, typecode=None, copy=1, savespace=0):
    """Matrix constructs new matrices from 2D nested lists of numbers"""
    if isinstance(data, type("")):
        raise TypeError("numerix Matrix does not support Numeric matrix string notation.  Use nested lists.")
    a = fromlist(data, type=typecode)
    if a.rank == 0:
        a.shape = (1,1)
    elif a.rank == 1:
        a.shape = (1,) + a.shape
    a.__class__ = _Matrix
    return a

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