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matplotlib::artist::Artist Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for matplotlib::artist::Artist:

matplotlib::axis::Axis matplotlib::axis::Tick matplotlib::collections::Collection matplotlib::patches::Patch matplotlib::axis::XTick matplotlib::axis::YTick matplotlib::collections::LineCollection matplotlib::collections::PatchCollection matplotlib::collections::QuadMesh matplotlib::collections::RegularPolyCollection matplotlib::patches::Arrow matplotlib::patches::Ellipse matplotlib::patches::PathPatch matplotlib::patches::Polygon matplotlib::patches::Rectangle matplotlib::patches::RegularPolygon matplotlib::patches::YAArrow

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Detailed Description

Note, matplotlib artists use the doc strings for set and get methods to enable the introspection methods of setp and getp.

Every set_* method should have a docstring containing the line

ACCEPTS: [ legal | values ]

and aliases for setters and getters should have a docstring that starts with 'alias for ', as in 'alias for set_somemethod'

You may wonder why we use so much boiler-plate manually defining the set_alias and get_alias functions, rather than using some clever python trick. The answer is that I need to be able to manipulate the docstring, and there is no clever way to do that in python 2.2, as far as I can see - see http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&threadm=mailman.5090.1098044946.5135.python-list%40python.org&rnum=1&prev=/groups%3Fq%3D__doc__%2Bauthor%253Ajdhunter%2540ace.bsd.uchicago.edu%26hl%3Den%26btnG%3DGoogle%2BSearch@verbatim Abstract base class for someone who renders into a :class:`FigureCanvas`.

Definition at line 24 of file artist.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_callback
def contains
def convert_xunits
def convert_yunits
def draw
def get_alpha
def get_animated
def get_axes
def get_clip_box
def get_clip_on
def get_clip_path
def get_contains
def get_figure
def get_label
def get_picker
def get_transform
def get_transformed_clip_path_and_affine
def get_visible
def get_zorder
def have_units
def hitlist
def is_figure_set
def is_transform_set
def pchanged
def pick
def pickable
def remove
def remove_callback
def set
def set_alpha
def set_animated
def set_axes
def set_clip_box
def set_clip_on
def set_clip_path
def set_contains
def set_figure
def set_label
def set_lod
def set_picker
def set_transform
def set_visible
def set_zorder
def update
def update_from

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string aname = 'Artist'
int zorder = 0

Private Member Functions

def _set_gc_clip

Private Attributes


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