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matplotlib::text::Text Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for matplotlib::text::Text:

matplotlib::text::Annotation matplotlib::text::TextWithDash

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Detailed Description

Handle storing and drawing of text in window or data coordinates

Definition at line 79 of file text.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def contains
def draw
def get_color
def get_font_properties
def get_fontname
def get_fontsize
def get_fontstyle
def get_fontweight
def get_ha
def get_horizontalalignment
def get_name
def get_position
def get_prop_tup
def get_rotation
def get_size
def get_style
def get_text
def get_va
def get_verticalalignment
def get_weight
def get_window_extent
def is_math_text
def set_backgroundcolor
def set_bbox
def set_color
def set_family
def set_fontname
def set_fontproperties
def set_fontsize
def set_fontstyle
def set_fontweight
def set_ha
def set_horizontalalignment
def set_linespacing
def set_ma
def set_multialignment
def set_name
def set_position
def set_rotation
def set_size
def set_style
def set_text
def set_va
def set_variant
def set_verticalalignment
def set_weight
def set_x
def set_y
def update_from

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int zorder = 3

Private Member Functions

def _get_layout
def _get_multialignment
def _get_xy_display
def _get_xy_display

Private Attributes


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