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matplotlib::config::rcsetup Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

This file contains the default values and the validation code for the options.

The code for parsing the matplotlibrc file and setting the values of rcParams
uses the values from this file to set default values.

Ultimately, the setup code should also use these values to write a default
matplotlibrc file that actually reflects the values given here.


class  validate_nseq_float
class  validate_nseq_int
class  ValidateInStrings
class  ValidateInterval


def validate_aspect
def validate_autolayout
def validate_bool
def validate_color
def validate_float
def validate_font_properties
def validate_fontsize
def validate_fonttype
def validate_int
def validate_latex_preamble
def validate_negative_linestyle_legacy
def validate_path_exists
def validate_ps_distiller
def validate_stringlist


dictionary defaultParams
 rc = defaultParams
tuple validate_backend
tuple validate_cairo_format
tuple validate_capstyle = ValidateInStrings('capstyle',['butt', 'round', 'projecting'], ignorecase=True)
tuple validate_fontset = ValidateInStrings('fontset', ['cm', 'stix', 'stixsans', 'custom'])
tuple validate_joinstyle = ValidateInStrings('joinstyle',['miter', 'round', 'bevel'], ignorecase=True)
tuple validate_legend_loc
tuple validate_negative_linestyle = ValidateInStrings('negative_linestyle',['solid', 'dashed'], ignorecase=True)
tuple validate_numerix
tuple validate_orientation
tuple validate_ps_papersize
tuple validate_toolbar
tuple validate_verbose

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