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matplotlib::numerix Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

numerix  imports either Numeric or numarray based on various selectors.

0.  If the value "--numpy","--numarray" or "--Numeric" is specified on the
    command line, then numerix imports the specified
    array package.

1. The value of numerix in matplotlibrc: either Numeric or numarray

2. If none of the above is done, the default array package is Numeric.
   Because the matplotlibrc always provides *some* value for numerix
   (it has it's own system of default values), this default is most
   likely never used.

To summarize: the  commandline is examined first, the  rc file second,
and the default array package is Numeric.


namespace  _na_imports


def _import_fail_message
def angle
def byteswapped
def iscontiguous
def itemsize
def typecode


 asum = sum
tuple g = globals()
tuple l = locals()
 la = linear_algebra
 Matrix = matrix
tuple nan = struct.unpack('d', struct.pack('Q', 0x7ff8000000000000))
 newaxis = NewAxis
 ra = random_array
 use_maskedarray = None
string version = 'numarray %s'
 which = None,None

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