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plot_directive Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

A special directive for including a matplotlib plot.

Given a path to a .py file, it includes the source code inline, then:

- On HTML, will include a .png with a link to a high-res .png.

- On LaTeX, will include a .pdf

This directive supports all of the options of the `image` directive,
except for `target` (since plot will add its own target).

Additionally, if the :include-source: option is provided, the literal
source will be included inline, as well as a link to the source.

The set of file formats to generate can be specified with the
plot_formats configuration variable.


def makefig
def out_of_date
def plot_directive
def relpath
def runfile
def setup
def write_char


 align = Image.align
string exception_template
dictionary options
 relpath = os.path.relpath
string template

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