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units::artist_tests Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Test unit support with each of the matplotlib primitive artist types

The axes handles unit conversions and the artists keep a pointer to
their axes parent, so you must init the artists with the axes instance
if you want to initialize them with unit data, or else they will not
know how to convert the units to scalars


tuple ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
tuple fig = figure()
tuple lc = collections.LineCollection(verts, axes=ax)
tuple line = lines.Line2D([0*cm, 1.5*cm], [0*cm, 2.5*cm], lw=2, color='black', axes=ax)
tuple rect = patches.Rectangle( (1*cm, 1*cm), width=5*cm, height=2*cm, alpha=0.2, axes=ax)
tuple t = text.Text(3*cm, 2.5*cm, 'text label', ha='left', va='bottom', axes=ax)
list verts = []

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