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rec_edit_gtk_custom Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

generate an editable gtk treeview widget for record arrays with custom
formatting of the cells and show how to limit string entries to a list
of strings


def mycallback


list constant = ['clientid']
tuple formatd = mlab.get_formatd(r)
tuple liststore = gtktools.RecListStore(r, formatd=formatd, stringd=stringd)
tuple r = mlab.csv2rec('data/demodata.csv', converterd={'weekdays':str})
tuple stringd = dict(weekdays=['Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat'])
tuple treeview = gtktools.RecTreeView(liststore, constant=constant)
tuple win = gtk.Window()

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